Let’s talk about pie. Not pumpkin pie, not apple pie, not even my very favorite, cherry pie. We’re going to talk about wellness pie.
It’s easy to make; you already have all the ingredients on hand. You don’t need flour, or butter, or even an oven, just your brain and a piece of paper.
So, what is it? It’s a tool I invented as a visual reminder of the things I wanted to do on a regular basis to stay aligned with my well-being, and it might be something you want to try, too.
Let’s take a look, shall we? Here’s my wellness pie:


I think it’s important to have my priorities regarding health mapped out right in front of me, even though I could easily just make a list of them in my head, or even on paper, and I think you might want to do the same thing. Here’s what you’ll want to think about when deciding what to include:

  • It’s about what you can do, not what you can’t. Your wellness pie is not to be a reminder about how badly you need to get in shape or floss your teeth. It’s to be a gentle guide to look to when you’re not sure how best to take care of yourself. If you can manage to take a five minute walk three times a week, put “at least 15 minutes of walking a week” in your chart and call it good. No need to write “work out vigorously on the trapeze like I did when I was in the circus in ’63.” However,
  • Don’t be afraid to set some goals. I don’t do yoga as often as I’d like, but I included it as part of my pie in the section of flexibility to remind myself of how good it feels. Do the same on your chart.
  • This is about adding, not subtracting. No “quit being a lazy bum,” please. Instead, think about what to add to your life in order to feel your best. This might be more vegetables (as opposed to telling yourself less sweets), more planned time with family (instead of cutting out work or volunteer hours) or more walking to work (as opposed to saying you’ll stop taking your car). It’s all about what good things you can add, not what “bad” things you can subtract.
  • Make it fun! I love a good art project, and I’m also a numbers geek, so I found this a good way to spend some time. Hopefully you’ll feel the same.

Written by Maria Morris